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Coffee & Tea

Milk Options: Skim, Whole, Oat, Almond
Flavor Shots: Vanilla, Caramel, Maple, Lavender, Hazelnut

Drip Coffee








double espresso with microfoam



double espresso with hot water


Cold Brew

cold brew blend



espresso with steamed milk



matcha with steamed milk



espresso with steamed milk foam and steamed milk


Flat White

double shot espresso with steamed milk



espresso with steamed milk, chocolate syrup, whipped cream


Chai Latte

Masala chai with steamed milk


Hot Chocolate

chocolate syrup with steamed milk and whipped cream


Kids Hot Chocolate

chocolate syrup with milk and whipped cream



black, tumeric ginger, herbal, or jasmine green



Magic Magnolia

peanut butter, banana, flax seeds, coffee, cinnamon, oat milk, maple


Wild Indigo

banana, berry, yogurt, pineapple, oat milk, ginger, orange juice


Emerald Jade

avocado, pineapple, coconut water, spinach, lime, mint, agave


House-Made Juice

Snap Dragon

carrot, orange, apple, ginger, lime turmeric


Star Orchid

pineapple, ginger, orange, lime, turmeric


Forget Me Not

beet, apple, carrot, lime


Four Leaf Clover

green apple, spinach, kale, cilantro, jalapeno, lime, celery



Snap Dragon Mimosa

champagne, carrot, apple, orange,
lime, turmeric, ginger


Star Orchid Mimosa

champagne, pineapple, ginger,
orange, lime, turmeric


Forget Me Not Mimosa

champagne, beet, apple, carrot, lime


Mimosa Trio

snap dragon mimosa, star orchid
mimosa, forget me not mimosa


Bloody Mary

prairie organic vodka ,house mix



Available 8am-11am Daily

Super Food

acai berry greek yogurt, coconut cream chia pudding, house-made granola, fresh fruit, local honey


Lox Bagel

house cold-smoked salmon, everything bagel, dill house-made cream cheese, red onions, capers


Waldorf Bagel

cinnamon raisin bagel, whipped walnut goat cheese, green apple, spring greens, honey mustard vinaigrette and walnuts


Avocado Toast

sourdough bread, avocado, everything bagel shake, tomato, over easy egg


Egg Sandwich

choice of ham, bacon sausage or sauteed pepper/onions, croissant, egg, white cheddar cheese, jalapeno southwest cream cheese


Eggs Bennie

smoked bbq pork, toasted challah bread, spinach, soft poached eggs, hollandaise, microgreens


Short Stack

two buttermilk pancakes, butter, house-maple syrup


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