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Nillerzzzzzzz Barrel-Aged
Beer Release Party

Join us Saturday, May 18th for our Nillerzzzzzzz and friendz release party! The release will begin at 10am and the party will continue until closing time! We’ll have live music out on the patio, a Spring Market with local vendors selling handmade goods out on the front lawn, and special barrel-aged brewz on tap! We hope you’ll join us for this spectacular day!

Beer Release

Saturday, May 18th

The barrel-aged beer release will begin at 10am. Barrel-aged beer will also be available on tap while supplies last. Bottle limits TBD. All bottles listed below are 750ml.


Nillerzzzzzzz (Blend 7) 
Barrel-Aged Vanilla Double Stout

14.7% ABV $55

For our lucky blend 7 of our beautiful vanilla bean double stout, we scraped the caviar from 7 growing regions. Vanilla beans sourced from Fiji, Mauritius, New Caledonia, Reunion, Niue, Vietnam, and Haiti were used in this blend. Two large format barrels aged for 40 months, and two small format barrels aged for 27 months, are the threads within this blend. 


Barrel-Aged Vanilla Double Stout

14.7% ABV $60

The hits just keep coming from our vanilla lord, Ted Jones. We scraped caviar from 8 species of beans he sourced for us into this massive BA Double Stout.  Guatemalan Cribbiana, Costa Rican Costaricensis, New Caledonian Pompana, Costa Rican Tsy Taitra, Peruvian Planifolia, Marquesas Islands Tahitensis, Brazilian Bahiana and Brazilian Chamissionis species of this amazing spice were featured in this blend.  


Nillerzzzzz Killerzzzzz 
Barrel-Aged Coffee Double Stout

14.7% ABV $55

A special blend of exclusively small format barrels from our friends at Rock Filter

distillery. We conditioned this beer on vanilla caviar from Ecuador and a special blend of coffee from our forever friends at Mostra Coffee.  


Central Americazzzzz 
Barrel-Aged Vanilla Double Stout

14.7% ABV $50

A blend of large and small format barrels, which are aged for between 38 and 22

months, creates the backbone. Vanilla beans sourced exclusively from Central

American countries, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica beans are represented in this blend. 


Barrel of Puppies  

Barrel-Aged Double Pastry Porter

13.9% ABV $55

This Royal maple sap Porter was barrel aged for 24 months in Buffalo Trace and

heaven hill barrels before conditioning on loads of house toasted coconut, house roasted almonds and vanilla bean skins.  


Otter In Vienna 
Barrel-Aged Barleywine

14.2% ABV $50

Brewed with maple sap in place of water and exclusively Vienna malt. Fermented with a special English yeast, this German/English hybrid Barleywine was aged for 22 months in a single Eagle Rare bourbon barrel.

And yes, there will most definitely be a parking lot party the night before so feel free to bring a bottle, your favorite camping chair, and some good vibezzzzzzz!

Live Music

2pm-5pm The Quantum Mechanics 

7pm-10pm Nathan Griner

Spring Market

Local vendors will be selling handmade goods out on the front lawn of Forager. It's a great day to support all things local!If you would like to signup to be a vendor please do so here:

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