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National Recognition: Forager Brewery Winners of 8 Untappd Nationwide Awards and 37 Awards in the State of Minnesota

We are beyond thrilled to announce these recent successes on Untappd! More than 37 of our brews here at Forager Brewery have received high honors in the state of Minnesota, with an impressive 8 earning national recognition.

Among these statewide accolades, we proudly claim the prestigious #1 spot for Barleywine, along with securing the #2 and #3 spots in the category. Our Farmhouse Saison has been crowned the top brew in its category, while we dominate the top 3 spots in the Old Ale category – and that’s just scratching the surface!

But the excitement doesn't end there. Our achievements extend to the national stage, where we've earned top honors across multiple categories. Most notably, we swept the Porter - Imperial / Double category and clinched both Gold and Bronze in the National rankings for Old Ale and American Stout.

“This recognition stands as a remarkable testament to the dedication and craftsmanship of our entire brewing team,” explains Annie Henderson, owner of Forager Brewery. “Behind the scenes, the team works tirelessly to ensure that every facet of the brewing process is executed with precision and care. From meticulously selecting the finest ingredients to perfecting brewing techniques, the brewers spare no effort to deliver exceptional brews that surpass expectations.”

For us at Forager Brewery, brewing transcends mere occupation—it's a labor of love that demands years of meticulous planning, unwavering attention to detail, and boundless passion. Our barrel-aged beers, in particular, epitomize this commitment, with each brew meticulously aged to perfection in oak barrels, allowing flavors to evolve and mature over time. Whether it's the nuanced hints of vanilla and oak in our Barleywine or the intricate layers of fruit in our Farmhouse Saison, every sip tells a tale of the countless hours devoted to nurturing and refining each batch.

This remarkable achievement would not have been possible without the steadfast support of our loyal customers. From attending releases to savoring craft brews on tap or in crowlers, your enthusiasm and appreciation serve as the driving force behind our passion, propelling us to continually push the boundaries of brewing excellence.

Additionally, our distribution brewery Humble Forager, received high honors with the #2 and #3 Hard Seltzer in the state of Minnesota for their Humble Bumble Citrus, and Mango Mandarin flavors.

So cheers to you, Forager Brewery famil, for your unwavering support, passion for exceptional beer, and collective devotion to the craft brewing community. Together, we will continue to set the bar high and craft brews that inspire, captivate, and unite. Cheers!


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